Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its been a couple of weeks, so I guess I should update some info. First of all, I HAVE A NEW JOB! It is very different from my old convergys job in the fact that I actually like it. That's always a positive. I work for Morgan Jewlers in their corporate office in downtown Salt Lake. Basically what I do is quality control for the merchandise that comes in from different vendors. I basically get to play with diamonds all day, and as we all know, "diamonds are a girls best friend."

Well this weekend was just wonderful for me. It was both Adam's and my mission reunions on Friday, and we actually made it to both of them! It was good to visit with old companions and get news on members and investigators in both Detroit and Calgary!

On Saturday night I went out to dinner with a couple of members (one being Caleb from the Cranston ward that I taught while I served in the ward) and two of my companions. It was so good to see them all and to catch up. I've been really bad and keeping in touch with a lot of the people from my mission so this alieviated some of my guilt for being a horrible corispondant:)

Then of course it was conference weekend. I think the talk that I loved the most (for now, it always changes just like my favorite scripture always changes) was Elder Worthlin's. He advised all of us to laugh.

In other news, our home computer got a virus and is currently out of commission, so its difficult to do all the day to day stuff that you rely on a computer for. Obviously. Hopefully we will get it fixed soon, but who knows when it will actually happen?


Kyra and Ben said...

Hello. Found your blog off of Lindsie's. Just wanted to say hello and good luck at the new job.
Working phones is no fun, I was thrilled when I quit my job when I did that.

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